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About Us

Every candle shimmers like a gem of inspiration.

My name is Gabrielle and my mom always said I was her Precious GEM. So, I guess you can say that is how this all started. It started with a name. I have wanted my own business for some time. I started off making Diaper Cakes but then I wanted to do something more since the Pandemic hit. I had the birth of an idea, CANDLES and so began my journey into melting wax and blending oils. Once we had settled on candle names my mom had the idea to give out an inspirational quote to those buying candles. Hopefully they will enlighten your day.


My son Gabriel, watched me making candles in the kitchen and decided he wanted to make something of his own. He settled on making soap and came up with the name "Gabe's Soapy Suds". My cousin Bristen then designed a stunning logo for Precious Gem Creations and Gabe's Soapy Suds. So this was indeed a family venture.


It is with great pleasure and hope that you like our creations and allow our candles to shimmer like a gem of inspiration in your life. And Gabe hopes that his soap will make bath time a little more fun. God Bless you and may every moment be filled with light. 

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